Elk Ivory Belt Buckle

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Elk Ivory Belt Buckle

This beautiful belt buckle is made using your elk ivories. It measures 3 3/8" wide and 2 3/8" tall. The base buckle can be made using either German Silver (nickel), silver overlay (not plating) or solid Sterling silver. The buckle shown is made out of German silver and has a bronze rope edge. The center of the buckle has an elk medallion which is silver and 24k gold plated. A clear exopy coating is used to protect the medallion. There is also a 14k gold plated silver diamond cut bezel which surrounds the medallion to finish out the look. Your ivories are mounted on either side of the medallion in their own custom cast silver bezels. Ideas to customize your buckle include adding colored gem stones, choosing a different size of buckle or changing the shape of the buckle. Please call for the pricing on those ideas.

All of our elk ivory jewelry designs are proudly made in the USA!

Our price $ 395.00