Elk Ivory Earrings

Elk Ivory Earrings


These beautiful elk ivory earrings are made using genuine elk ivory. The matching pendant is PEI20SS and is listed on the elk ivory pendant page. When creating this set of elk ivory earrings you can use your own elk ivory or ours. The next choice is what color metal might present "frame" the ivories the best. Yellow or rose gold works well with darker and more caramel colored elk ivories while white gold, silver or platinum silver complements lighter colors. We can craft this beautiful elk ivory pendant out of 10k gold, 14k gold (yellow, white or rose), Sterling silver or platinum silver (a mixture of 3.5% platinum and Sterling silver which helps keep the tarnish down). Please call for pricing on using any of these different metals.The set shown above is made using Sterling silver.

Each elk ivory jewelry design is custom cast and will vary in shape and size depending on the ivory used. The cost of each piece may vary accordingly as each ivory is slightly different. Each set of elk ivory earrings comes in a handsome white leatherette display box. This particular setting measures 1" from the top of the ball and 3/8" wide (shown with cow ivories). As an option this setting can also have a small diamond or colored gemstone inserted in the balls on the posts.

The price of each elk ivory jewelry piece could vary (up or down) depending on the spot metals markets and the size and shape of the ivory used in the setting (especially between a cow and bull elk ivory). Due to this fact a quote will be extended first before any production begins.

If you plan on using your own ivory, please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing. However, if you are trying to meet a certain deadline (i.e. birthday, anniversary, etc.) we will do our best to rush the order. Also, please send your ivory in a small box or good padded envelope (not a regular envelope) to our mailing address at the bottom of this page. Please include the style number and any special instructions along with your contact information. If you want to use our stock ivory please call to check our inventory.

All of our elk ivory jewelry designs are proudly made in the USA!

Our price $ 230.00*

* Price is based on using Sterling silver and market of $ 20.00/oz