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Elk Ivory Jewelry

Larimar Jewelry is made using Larimar (Blue Pectolite) and is only found in a half square mile in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic. The stone has an extraordinary blue appearance similar to the color of the ocean in tropical areas. The hardness varies between 5-7 on the Mohs scale with the darker blue stones ranging closer to 7.

Elk Ivory Jewelry

Originally it was thought that Larimar came from the ocean because initial discoveries of the mineral where on the beaches. It actually is formed by Volcanic processes and mined in the "tubes" or "chimneys" of the volcano.

Elk Ivory Jewelry

In 1974, Norman Rilling, a member of the U.S. Peace Corps and Miguel Mendez, a local Dominican found Larimar on the seashore. They traced it up a local river and found its source in a city called Barahona. The name "Larimar" is derived by combining the name of Miguel's daughter LARIssa and the Spanish term for the sea "MAR".

As the color of silver naturally complements blue you will find that most Larimar jewelry is made using Sterling silver. Larimar jewelry can be found in gold settings but it is mailnly found in silver. All of beautiful Larimar jewelry pieces found below have been set in either sterling silver. Each Laimar jewelry item has a piece of Larimar stone that has been hand cut and polished to bring out its own unique character. Some of the Larimar jewelry pieces have also had gemstones added to complement the settings.

We also like to portray each Larimar jewelry piece as looking into the swirling seas of the Caribbean emulated in a palette of ocean blue.

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