Medallion Jewelry

Elk Ivory Jewelry

Over the years our medallion jewelry line has been the mainstay of our company. We have worked hard at creating small pieces of artwork on dime size silver medallions that we use in our jewelry line. We have many themes we have tried to focused on but the two which are predominate are wildlife and nautical.

These design all start out using dime sized fine silver medallions with some of our best artwork struck on them. A 200-ton coining press transfers the artwork from the die to the medallion. On selected medallions we then place 24k gold on the picture to accent the artwork. We also coat one side with an epoxy resin to protect the artwork from fingerprints and the like. Then we place these medallions in various different types of gold or silver bezels. An addition of a silver or gold chain rounds out the process.

In looking at these designs, keep in mind that the ones you see here are only a small sampling of the various different combinations we actually have in stock. If there is something you don't see here but is close to what you are looking for, odds are we have it so just give a call and we will make it for you.

Thanks for looking.

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