Partina Jewelry

Elk Ivory Jewelry

Elk Ivory Jewelry

Our Partina line is a wonderful product we have found which depicts a Leopard print on 18k gold. It is like no other animal print pattern we have found. Unlike a lot of the other animal print jewelry, which uses an enamel coating, Partina is made using an electroplating process, which greatly enhances the durability. Another feature is that all the jewelry pieces are made of 18k gold not 14k thus adding to the gold content.

The jewelry pieces you will see on the next pages are all handcrafted and are available in either 18k gold or .925 silver. All these designs are available and new ones are constantly being added so check back often to see what is new.

Thanks for looking.

Our Collection

PKP08 Leaf Love Pendant

PKP27 Earth Delight Pendant

PKE06 Ripple

PKE01 Earth Delight Earrings

PKR21 Island Ring

PKR22 Decora Ring

PKR13 Partner Ring

PKR09 Leaf Love Ring