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These stunning trophy belt buckles have been used in competition shooting events for years. We can produce a wide varity of trophy belt buckles for use in your event or just to purchase outright. Our trophy belt buckles are made using your choice of three different metals: Solid Sterling Silver (92.5%); Silver Overlay (solid sheet of sterling silver bonded to a sheet of nickel, not plated) and German Silver (Nickel). Most of the trophy belt buckles we produce are die struck in a press. We then add banners, rope edges, letters, florals, figures, gemstones, coins and logos to the trophy belt buckle to customize it to your event. Most of the trophy belt buckles we produce have a flap back. As you can see by the pictures above, the trophy belt buckles come in various different shapes and sizes. A popular size of trophy belt buckle for shooting events is 2 3/8 X 3 3/8 which is the size of the three smaller buckles in the picture. The shooter who wins the HOA trophy belt buckle usually receives a 3 X 3 7/8 size buckle. Along with our line of trophy belt buckles, we also can produce bracelets, watch bands, badges, snuff lids, money clips and card cases for use in your events.

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