Wilderness Mint

Bringing you natures creations in jewelry.

Elk Ivory Ring

Since 1995, we here at Wilderness Mint, have had a love of the outdoors and found that sharing this experience through jewelry give us a very special bond with our customers. We strive to bring to you unique pieces that cannot be found in your standard local jewelry store. When you buy from us, you will have a very special item that will be admired for years to come.

The Owners

Eric Carlson

Opal Pendant

Growing up in Alaska I learned the value of nature. I experience some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring scenery in the world. I spent many summers on a small boat with my family catching salmon in Prince William Sound. I even got a chance to experience ice fishing. Now I live in Washington State. Most of my time now is dedicated to my company but I do make time for salmon or steelhead fishing trips to reconnect with nature. I have also taken up the sport of Elk hunting. That interest was peaked a few years back when a large bull Elk ended up camping out on our 5 acres, during hunting season!

Elk Ivory Watch

Valerie Carlson

Having spent many years on the Oregon coast, I tend to be drawn back to its beauty and diversity. Lighthouses, sandy beaches, whale watching and great fishing and clamming have all inspired my desire to stay connected to the coast. Our two young sons are now also beginning to enjoy trips to my old playground. My earliest years were spent in a small logging town outside the Portland area called Colton. "Eating off the land" was not just a statement. Having only eaten deer meat until I was 6 years old, I didn't think much of beef at first try (not much flavor). When times were very rough financially, we fished to have dinner. As a youngster, that was just playtime for me.

We believe selecting and creating jewelry that represents some of Gods best natural designs is a way to share some of how Eric and I were both raised and how we want to raise our sons.

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