Elk Ivory Jewelry


In every elk there are two “teeth” that are considered ivory. They are located in the top jaw in the elk near the front. They are commonly referred to as “Elk Ivories”, “Elk Teeth”, “Whistlers” or just “Elk Ivory”. As all elk hunts require a great deal of skill, determination, energy and luck a really great way to remember an elk hunt is to take one or both ivories from the animal and make a piece of elk ivory jewelry.

The elk ivory jewelry designs below are copyrighted designs. They can be purchased off-the-shelf using our stock of elk ivories or you can use your own elk ivories in these settings. Most of our elk ivory jewelry business comes from customers sending in their own elk ivories to have one of these designs - or a completely unique design - made into a one-of-a-kind piece in remembrance of your hunt for years to come.

All elk ivory jewelry produced by Wilderness Mint is custom made by hand, one piece at a time. The most popular metal we use to produce a beautiful piece of elk ivory jewelry is 14k yellow gold. We can use other metals such as 10k gold, white gold, rose gold or Sterling silver depending on your preference as well as our recommendation based on the colors in your provided ivory.

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